How to (re)act to a Microsoft Audit. Best practices and tips

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Every medium sized and large Enterprise (commercial and public sector) will eventually be invited for a Microsoft Audit. The question is not ‘if’, buth ‘when?’. In most cases this is every three to five years. There can be red flags (merger, divestiture, strange buying behavior) which can lead to a more frequent or ad-hoc Audit cycle. And because Microsoft’s right to verify compliance is written in the customer’s Agreement, there is no other way than to cooperate. But what can you expect? How does a compliance verification work? What do you need to prepare and communicate and what is the impact on your organization (resources).

After you have followed the 2,5-hour webinar you will be able to respond to the Audit, defending your interests and cooperate with Microsoft. You will be able to prevent common incompliance issues, lower your risk and prevent high costs. For partners who attent, you will be able to assist your customers when they enter into an Audit.

Topics on the agenda:

  • Introduction
    • Legal base of software licensing
    • Your Agreement setup with verifying compliance section
  • Verifying compliance options
    • Compliance verification
    • Audit
    • Business Software Alliance (BSA)
  • License Administration (licenses, assignments, policies)
  • Verification proces
    • How does it work?
    • Rights and obligations of the auditor, you and Microsoft
    • The process and timetable
  • Communications
  • Estimated License Position
  • Closing meeting with Microsoft
  • Common compliance issues

Throughout all agenda sections we provide best practices and tips based on experience.

The webinar will be recorded and every attendee will receive access to the recordings.

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  • Access to webinar recording
  • 2-year subscription to the Didactive Knowledge Base

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Dates and locations

Delivery in English. Training is open to both end-customers and Microsoft partners who have an interest in License Compliance Verification and Audits

Tuesday October 8, 2023

14:00 – 16:30 CEST (UTC+2), online

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How to (re)act to a Microsoft Audit. Best practices and tips

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