Frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Licensing Update

Who qualifies for a free subscription?
Free subscriptions are available for:

What is the price of a regular subscription?
We offer regular subscriptions at 200 plus VAT per individual recipient, which covers January 1st - December 31st, 2021. This subscription includes the following services:

How to subscribe to the Microsoft Licensing Update?
Click here if you qualify for a free subscription, or here to register for a regular subscription.

May I share the Microsoft Licensing Update with my coworkers?
Yes, you may forward it to colleagues within your organization or otherwise share it with them.

May I share the Microsoft Licensing Update with individuals outside my organization?
No, individuals in other organizations including your affiliates (parent, sister company or subsidiary) should subscribe themselves.

A regular subscriber or former training session participant who received the Microsoft Licensing Update left our organization or moved into a new role. Can we transfer his or her subscription to a coworker?
Yes, your organization paid for the subscription or training session, so we will grant such requests. Please contact us.

I have a subscription. Can the Microsoft Licensing Update be sent to my private e-mail address?
Yes, you can add your private e-mail address as a secondary one. We will then send the updates to both your company and your private e-mail address. Please contact us.

After completing my regular subscription, I registered for a training session that qualifies for a free subscription. Can I get a refund of the regular subscription fee?
No. However, this will increase the number of questions you can ask and the time we allocate to answering them. If that's not what you want, you can transfer your regular subscription to a coworker.

Frequently asked questions about asking us Microsoft licensing-related questions

Can I ask questions about Microsoft licensing?
We offer the ability to ask Microsoft licensing-related questions to:

How do I ask a question about Microsoft licensing?
Send your question by e-mail to Jelle Kooi at the mail address that you should already have.

What to do if I have an urgent question?
Send a WhatsApp message to Jelle Kooi at the cell phone number that you should already have.

I'd rather ask my question over the phone or through Microsoft Teams. Can I do so?
Yes, you can. Send an e-mail message to Jelle Kooi at the mail address that you should already have and summarize what you'd like to discuss. He will then suggest a time slot for a phone or Teams-based conversation.

When can I expect a reply to my question?
We try to respond to your question as soon and as well as we can, but cannot guarantee a response time or adequate answer.

Can I ask any number of questions?
No, there is a limit to the number of questions that you can ask and the time that we spend on answering them. If such a limit has been reached, we will inform you and may be offering you a paid-for service.